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Bexel User Area is a private web portal for BEXEL users. The portal is located at and it is accessible to any user that has a valid Bexel Account. Alongside basic features for managing accounts, the portal contains information about available Bexel products, license information, and many useful materials that make learning or using Bexel products easy.

Bexel Account is an individual account for all Bexel products and Bexel User Area. The account will be created automatically when a user requests a trial or educational license, or it can be created manually at

No, a trial license must be requested at the following link. However, when requesting a trial your Bexel User Area account will be automatically created. 

The reset password procedure is available at the following link. After submitting a password reset request, an email will be sent to the provided email address. The email will include a password reset link valid for 24 hours. After choosing the new password, the user can log in to the account. Please remember that BEXEL Manager or other applications that use the Bexel Account may be logged out after changing the password.

You are at the right place, Help Center can help you learn how to use BEXEL Manager and answer most of your questions. Many materials (sample models, manuals, training materials, cost databases, API scripts, webinar recordings, etc.) can be found in the ‘Bexel User Area’ -> Materials section for all registered Bexel users. Video tutorials and useful videos can be found on Bexel YouTube channel. Most of the materials are translated or subtitled into several languages.

If you encounter any technical problems or have questions that cannot be resolved through our Help Center or FAQ, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

Support is regularly available from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM CET (excluding holidays and weekends).

Our regional partners are also providing technical support to their clients. To find more information about resellers worldwide, please visit this page.

Our primary goal is to provide quick and efficient support at a high-quality level. Simple support requests are usually answered within a day, but please understand that complex questions can not be solved quickly. Our experts will investigate your problem and contact you as soon as possible. If there is a need for remote assistance or if it is easier to explain to you directly, we will schedule a short call via an online meeting platform.

You can ask a question in your local language but it will be translated using Google Translate and you will receive the answer in English.

For assistance in your local language, please find the list of regional partners at the following link.

We recommend submitting a ticket through our support form. We cannot guarantee that your question will be read or answered if sent via email.

We do not provide support over the phone. To ensure the highest level of support for all our users, we kindly ask you to understand this and not interrupt our support team. 

No, our technical support is completely free. 

You can request a live demo. To keep our demonstrations live and not prerecorded we cannot guarantee that you will be the only attendee.

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Account & Support

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