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Creating 4D and 5D BIM models in BEXEL Manager can be done in various ways with the help of the Schedule and Cost Editor palette. The recommended workflow for 4D/5D BIM model creation is intelligent cost and schedule creation using all available information in BIM model elements with a high level of automation. This workflow will be elaborated separately in the section Smart 4D and 5D BIM management.

The second workflow consists of importing a schedule from different planning software or creating a schedule from scratch in BEXEL Manager in a traditional way by creating tasks and relations and linking tasks of manually created/imported schedules with the elements of the BIM model.

The third workflow could be considered as a combination of the previous two or simply as using specific processes from intelligent planning to partially automate the traditional (manual) creation process of creating tasks and relations and linking tasks manually with model elements.

Even though the classic manual creation process (typical for traditional panning tools) is available in BEXEL Manager, it is highly recommended to primarily use the advantages of software automation which in the case of BEXEL Manager could be applied in a range from the fully integrated intelligent planning process to partial automation that will significantly improve the traditional planning process and reduce the workload on a planner.

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