Progress monitoring

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When the work on the construction site begins, the process of progress monitoring commences. The created 4D/5D BIM model can be used to monitor construction progress on the construction site. This gives the Project Manager a clear overview of the schedule, possible delays and cash flows during the project implementation. Bexel Manager offers the Project Manager an overview of all important project parameters and gives an opportunity to constantly analyze project performance by quick Planned vs Actual analyses and comparison charts for all important project data within the Bexel Manager reporting engine and Power Bi export. Project Manager can easily monitor and report progress data to all stakeholders.

This section will explain how to automatically create look-ahead plans, the workflow of entering the progress in BEXEL Manager, and the process of analyzing the progress by comparing two schedules to evaluate the progress and possible delays and summarize the analysis with different reporting functionalities.

Progress entry can be created through different workflows:

  • Entering progress manually 
  • Entering progress manually with created selection sets
  • Entering progress with the actual percentage
  • Entering progress with selection sets for tasks that were not planned in a certain period

Different workflows can be used depending on the agreed procedures between Project Manager and the BIM team on the construction site. The recommended workflow for progress monitoring is organized through the cloud-based solution BEXEL Viewer for easier manipulation and sharing of BIM models and the possibility to enter the required data using a desktop, tablet, or mobile browser directly on-site. This workflow is elaborated in the section Create progress entry.

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Progress monitoring

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