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BEXEL Manager API (Application Programming Interface) allows developers and advanced users to access systems and functionalities of BEXEL Manager on a code level.

Our API can be used to:

  • Add new features or functionality
  • Customize or extend existing features
  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Easily implement your company, country and region-specific standards and workflows in your BEXEL Manager project
  • Connect to/exchange data with other tools and enterprise software solutions such as ERP (e.g. SAP), Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Oracle NetSuite, etc.

Integrated API console

Integrated API console allows you to write C# scripts directly inside BEXEL Manager for executing quick checks and analyses.

  • Properties check
  • Relations check
  • Automated property creation
  • Grouping elements by property value
  • Filtering elements of the certain property value range
  • Storey/Building check
  • Automated color coding
  • Automated MEP systems control
  • etc.

More advanced BEXEL Manager add-ins can be developed using popular C# IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) such as Visual Studio (free version available here).

Examples of advanced use cases:

  • Detect clashes per severity and organize them per week/month of construction
  • Organize clashes per cost of the elements involved in the clash
  • Automated customized company/country design and construction rules checklist
  • Send back actual and planned costs to the BIM authoring software
  • Earned value analyses and integration with Power BI
  • Export data to SAP


  • Bexel Manager 20 or newer 
  • Visual Studio C# IDE (free version available here, but other versions are also supported) 
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 (for Bexel Manager 20 or newer) 
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