Reporting and analysis

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After completing the entire intelligent 4D/5D BIM workflow, various reporting options are available to manage and confirm progress entries, exchange schedules and cost analysis using Power BI and BEXEL Viewer and perform advanced multi-project and multi-version analysis using BEXEL Portfolio Manager. 


At the end of the integrated BIM process, the main aim is to achieve full command over the managing process of the project utilizing the maximum available BIM data transformed into interactive dashboards to allow clear visualization and transparent control of the key project indicators. With BEXEL Manager cloud-based solutions integrated BIM data is utilized in the best possible way to analyze, report and present BIM data directly and transparently to all project stakeholders.


Several reporting options are available as per the project needs and the reporting goals. This section will present different options for reporting and analysis using the following solutions integrated with the BEXEL Manager platform:


  • Power BI reporting directly from BEXEL Manager
  • BEXEL Viewer cloud-based solution
  • BEXEL Viewer + Power BI reporting
  • BEXEL Portfolio Manager


Besides these reporting options, each part of the integrated 4D/5D BIM workflow can have separated reports using Export and Reporting options within the BEXEL Manager engine for IDS checks, QTO, Clash Detection, Schedule, Cost and Progress tracking.

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Reporting and analysis

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