Managing TeamWorks project users

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Adding a user to a TeamWorks project

Click on the command TeamWorks Projects within the Welcome window. à Within the TeamWorks Management Center window choose the project you have created in the previous steps and click on the command Manager Users. à In the Project Users window add a new user by clicking on the command Addà Within the window Choose Users enter the name of the user. The search engine will automatically find all users with the name you have entered. à Finish the process by clicking on the button OK.

Adding a new user to Bexel TeamWorks project

Removing a user from the TeamWorks project

Choose a certain project from the list in the TeamWorks Management Center window. à Click on the command Manage Users. à In the Project Users window, click on a certain user with the right click and after that on the command Remove or just click on the command Remove in the ribbon. à The Info window opens, and a notification window pops up if you are sure that you would like to remove the selected user. à By clicking the Yes button, the selected user will be removed.

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Managing TeamWorks project users

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