Sharing issues using BCF Manager

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BCF Manager Review allows participants in the same project to exchange files in BCF formats, regardless of the software used. Sharing reports in the BCF format between participants using different software tools is only possible if the model originates from the same original IFC model and the software tools of all participants support the open BCF format.

Choose the Manage tab Select the BCF ManagerSelect clashes from the Clash detection list → Drag and drop into the BCF Manager palette → Export BCF file.

A project can be created in the BIMcollab platform, and issues can be shared directly with other stakeholders, with uploaded issues being automatically displayed on the BIMcollab platform after collisions are dragged and dropped into the BCF Manager palette.

For a BCF issue, a viewpoint must be created for every clash. Without pre-existing viewpoints, the software will automatically generate a viewpoint based on the default view displayed on the viewport screen.

Exchange Issues Using Element ID

Element IDs can be used to exchange issues with other stakeholders.

Select clashes manually or use CTRL+A keys to select all → Right-click and select option Left, Right or All → Check which elements are selected in the Selection Info palette or isolate selected elements in the main viewport → In the Selection tab on the upper part of the screen click Copy Source IDs.

Paste Source IDs that need to be checked or deleted from authoring software. This document can be sent to correct duplicate elements in the 3D BIM model.

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Sharing issues using BCF Manager

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