Non-BIM cost items

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On a project, it is common situation to have Cost items unrelated to any BIM element (Construction site survey, for example). Still, such items can be included in Cost classification and Cost assignment in the following way:

Create a new Cost item in Cost classification as described in the section Creating a cost item → Define Code, Description and Cost of Cost item → Go to Cost Estimate tab, click New Cost Assignment → Choose right Cost classification from the drop-down menu → Select a newly created Cost item → Define the Quantity in the box on the bottom of the Cost Item Picker window → Finish the process by clicking on the OK button.

Newly created Cost items will be assigned to a cost version in the same way as items linked to the elements and be included in the sum price of the Cost version.   

Non-BIM cost items in BEXEL Manager
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Non-BIM cost items

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