On-site progress input

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After creating look-ahead plans and sharing them with the on-site BIM team through BCF file format or BEXEL Viewer cloud solution, the on-site BIM team needs to check and adjust the selection sets according to the actual construction progress and send it back to BEXEL Manager.

By opening the link sent to the on-site BIM team, BEXEL Viewer and all corresponding look-ahead plans will activate → Click on the main BEXEL Viewer icon and choose Load all command. The BIM model with all elements will be displayed → Choose the proper look-ahead plan in the form of a selection set displayed on the left side of the BEXEL Viewer main window or load the BCF file with a corresponding look-ahead plan for the defined period → Right-click and choose the Isolate command and then the Selected Elements command. Look-ahead plan with all corresponding BIM elements will be displayed → Select the elements according to the actual construction progress and click the BCF Collaboration icon → Choose Save BCF command → Fill out the opened Save BCF form → Finish the procedure by clicking on the Save command.

Created BCF file with actual construction progress is sent to the Project Manager and imported back to the BEXEL Manager for Progress Entry.

Above mentioned workflow is recommended for clear and easy communication between project participants. Another option is to select completed elements in BEXEL Manager and use BCF Manager and BIM Collab or the authoring tool to save BCF files for further use.

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On-site progress input

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