Progress reporting

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BEXEL Manager reporting engine offers a wide range of reporting tools for progress reporting and state-of-the-art progress control. Within the Task report window, the Project Manager can control all project parameters related to progress, cost and resource distribution during execution. Parameters from different schedules can also be compared to easily make Planned vs Actual analyses and control parameters for any task, group of tasks, or entire schedule. Data can be exported to Excel through predefined report templates in .xls format containing Progress percentage analyses, Cumulative cost, Material, Labor, Equipment and Activity cost information and charts. Exported templates contain all progress information of the project, so specifically tailored reports and analyses can be developed to meet the needs and requirements of the project.

One of the important reporting features is also the ability to export prepared and properly formatted Monthly certificate documents directly from the Schedule editor in a few simple steps:   

Click the Export button on the Schedule Editor command line  Select Export Payment Certificates – for the Monthly certificate document Define control period (filter non-working intervals and progress entry period) Click OK for completion and save the Excel file.

Besides Payment Certificates export, data can be exported using the Export to Excel (Task Report) command or Export to Excel (Gantt Columns) from the Export command on the Schedule Editor command line.

In this way, very important project coordination documents can be produced in seconds with timely progress reporting and valuable information to all stakeholders.

Besides basic parameter analyses in Task report, progress can be reported by exporting to MS project or Primavera file format in case it should be shared with stakeholders using these planning tools. The schedule can also be exported in PDF format.

Compared schedules can be exported to Excel directly from the Task Report with the option to define which data needs to be exported (Cost, Cumulative Cost, Material, Labor, etc.).

Progress reporting with Power BI

Besides the BEXEL Manager reporting engine and predefined report templates in .xls format containing all essential data and progress analyses (Progress percentage, Earned Value analysis, Monthly certificate, Cumulative Cost data, etc.) accompanied by detailed comparison charts, progress information can also be exported to Microsoft Power BI platform following these steps:

Choose the Manage tab and select Publish Reports tool → Choose the desired option: Basic, Advanced – Including commercial visualizations or Export Data → The Power BI Export Wizard window will open → Check the data (Schedule, Cost versions, clash jobs) which will be exported to Power BI → Click the Finish button → The entire project is published to a Power BI file.

Progress reporting with BEXEL Viewer + Power BI dashboards

Progress monitoring workflow starts with generating look-ahead plans separated per zones, cost items, subcontractors, etc. and their BCF exchange. Utilizing BEXEL Viewer, an on-site team can alter the planned for execution elements set to match actual progress and send it back via BCF to the office team. The office team will create progress entries, automatically update the construction schedule and get advanced interactive Planned vs Actual progress reports and KPI dashboards using MS Power BI and BEXEL Viewer integration.

To publish the report with BEXEL Viewer follow the steps below:

Choose the Manage tab and select Publish Report with BEXEL Viewer tool → Choose the desired report → The Power BI Export Wizard window will open → Select project and version → Click on the Finish command → Save the PBIX file on the desired location and click Save   Open PBIX file → Click Refresh to load data → Click Publish to see the model in the BEXEL Viewer → After publishing, open Power BI in the browser and follow the instructions.

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Progress reporting

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