Schedule calendars

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BEXEL Manager can create new and edit existing schedule calendars. Calendars are activated by clicking on the Calendars button. The Calendar Editor window consists of the Working Hours and Exceptions tabs.

Creating the calendar

Calendars → The Calendar Editor window will open → Click New → Name the calendar → Finish the procedure by clicking OK → Set working and non-working days, working hours, and all exceptions, such as holidays.

Setting the working hours

To define the working hours by selecting the working time from the list use the Ctrl key to add hours. The Shift key is used to select everything between the two selected items. To define non-working days, check the checkbox in front of the Non Working.

Renaming the calendar

Calendars → Select the calendar → Click Rename → The Edit Calendar window will open → Define new name → Finish the procedure by clicking  OK.

Deleting the calendar

Calendars → Select the calendar → Click Delete. This command is irreversible.

Copying the calendar

Calendars → Select the calendar → Click Duplicate → The New Calendar window will open → Define the name of the copied calendar.

Default calendar

Click the Set As Default button to set a calendar as a basis for next schedules. The default calendar has the information Default next to its name.

Importing the calendar

Calendar → Select the calendar → Click Import → The Calendar Import window will open → Determine which schedule will be imported into the calendar.

Determining the calendar exceptions

Exceptions → Click New → The Calendars Exception Editor window will open → In the Name field, enter the exception name, e.g. Labor Day → In the Range field, determine the period for which the exception will be applied → In the Recurrence field, specify the repetition interval for the selected time period → Finish the procedure by clicking OK.

This can be changed later by clicking the Edit button or deleted with the Delete button.

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Schedule calendars

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