Version 24.2

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Released: Febuary 2024

BEXEL Cloud Solutions

Bexel CDE

  • Point cloud (.las and .laz) file upload has been enabled on the BEXEL CDE. Explore the enhanced file integration by right-clicking on the desired folder within the Sources tab,  and selecting the Add New Source option – similar to the addition of IFC files.
  • Added an option for filtering QTO/CBS trees based on the elements selection from the viewer. The option becomes active after selecting elements and pressing the “Filter By Elements Selection” button. This feature works exclusively for newly exported QTOs (Bexel Manager version 24.2.4 or newer) but works for both new and existing CBS structures.
  • Implemented support enables users to act as Account Admin or Account Manager across multiple Accounts (Company, Organisation, etc.). Users who have access to multiple Accounts will be able to select one when creating projects.
  • Added option to delete a single QTO/CBS and Schedule Animation to provide more flexibility and control in user data management.
  • QTO/CBS trees are now collapsed to the first level by default.
  • Resolved the issue of inserting non-existing frames during camera animation in certain projects, resulting in camera jumps during animation. 
  • Added notification that informs users when their Bexel CDE licenses have expired. Users will be notified of license expiration on the Projects page (Project List), along with the automatic hiding of projects associated with that account from the Project List. In addition, users will be warned if they attempt to access a project with an expired license. 
  • Introduced a new option that allows users to easily add project images within the Create/Edit Project form. These images are now visible on the Home page when the project is listed in the Recent Projects section.
  • When switching CBS/QTO to Blank, the colors will now reflect the colors of the active scene for a better experience during transitions.
  • Added the ability to choose between displaying colors from the CBS/QTO tree or the active scene in the viewer with a new switch in the CBS/QTO tab. Simply enable or disable this option with the Color Coded switch.

Bexel Viewer

  • Resolved an issue that caused the viewer to not respond to keyboard inputs (such as moving the camera left or right, etc.).

Bexel Docs

  • The text color within the table/grid for document display had changed to white for a better view.
  • Added the “Unlink All Elements” option within the table/grid for each document, so users can easily unlink all linked documents from elements with a single click.
  • Fixed the file table scroll issue (the toolbar now remains static while scrolling the table).

Bexel FM

  • Introduced the “Hide Completed” option that enables hiding all finished entries with a click, keeping users’ view clean and focused on ongoing tasks.
  • Added an “Unlink All Elements” button within the tables for each entry and plan. This option removes all links from elements to the specific entry or plan.
  • Introduced the “Mark Selected As” dropdown that allows users to easily link only selected elements to a specific entry when changing the status.
  • Removed the Documents tab from the FM module. The same window exists as a standalone Documents module within CDE.
  • Renamed the Reports tab within the FM module to FM Reports.
  • Renamed the “None” option to “Default” within the Range component during the editing/creation of plans/contracts.
  • Replaced the checkboxes for the “Show in Viewer” and “Filter by Elements Selection” options with buttons.

BEXEL Expert Tools

Bexel CDE Publisher

  • Resolved issue with crashing QTO publishing process when there was duplicated quantity for a part of the QTO structure.


  • Within the Cost Estimate window, the capability to create new Text Custom Properties (User Defined) and input their values has been enabled. Simply right-click, choose “New Column,” then “Text,” and right-click on the cell to enter the desired value (Right-click -> New Column -> Text; right-click on the cell where you want to enter the value -> Edit Property).
  • Within the Cost Estimate window, the export and import of Text Custom Properties (User Defined) have been facilitated through an Excel template (Export -> Export User Defined Properties; Import -> Import User Defined Properties).
  • The auto-assign process is optimized so now the process takes 50% less time.
  • Introduced an option to export Cost Item Descriptions when exporting Cost Versions to Excel (Cost Estimate -> Export).
  • Added options within the Cost Estimate window for “Select All Children (Including Self)” and “Select Cost Assignments” (Right-click on a row -> Select -> All Children (Including Self); Right-click on a row -> Select -> Cost Assignments).
  • In the Cost Editor, users now have the ability to choose whether the “Wrap Text” option is active at the column level.(Previously, this option was enabled by default, and users couldn’t modify it). To access the option, right-click on the column header and select the “Wrap Text” option.
  • Added the option to adjust all column widths to the column content width for display in both Cost Editor and Cost Estimate windows. To access this option, right-click on the column header and choose “Best Fit All.”
  • When adding a User Defined column in the Cost Estimate window, the column is now added next to the column on which the user performed right-click and add (link) and as the last column in the Cost Editor window.
  • When performing Auto-Assign Cost Items to Selected Elements, the message “Some Element(s) could not be Assigned” appears unnecessarily in some situations.

Clash Detection

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error window to appear when trying to create new relations from clash pairs obtained by running constraint conflict analysis.

IFC Exporter

  • Implemented the ability to export only necessary buildings when exporting part of model to IFC (BEX Logo -> Export to IFC -> Filter: Selected Elements, Visible Elements), eliminating unnecessary export of all buildings from model.

Portfolio Manager Publisher

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Portfolio Manager Publisher to crash when the Super Project Name was empty.
  • The latest version of this add-in will be automatically pre-installed within BEXEL Manager starting from version A check for a newer version of this plugin will be performed every time BEXEL Manager is started. You can download the user manual in BEXEL User Area.

Power BI

  • Introduced the Schedule Integrity Check PBI Report (according to DCMA14 standards) accessible through the Manage card -> Power BI group -> Publish Report with BEXEL CDE -> Schedule Integrity Check.
  • Introduced the Look-Ahead PBI Report accessible through Manage card -> Power BI group -> Publish Report with Bexel CDE -> Look-Ahead Plan – Weekly

Property Manager

  • Enabled option for saving and loading of created rules through the addition of “Save” and “Load” buttons for enhanced user convenience. The newest version of the Property Manager will be automatically installed when launching BEXEL Manager. [LINK]


  • Improved export/import of element properties from Excel by adding support for Imperial units.


  • Fixed wrong calculation of the Average (AVG) function within QTO trees.
  • Resolved the issue within the window for creating or editing QTO/CBS causing not retaining selection when moving.
  • Resolved the issue with the newly created or edited not being selected/displayed inside the Quantity Takeoff window.
  • Resolved the issue that was causing the deletion of the last rule when deleting any other rule within the QTO/CBS editor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when importing QTOs over the exchange process in some cases.

Revit Publisher

  • Resolved the issue with the inaccurate movement of models at distances exceeding 10,000 meters from the zero point. [LINK]
  • Changed the flow of the publishing process, allowing users to first choose the file storage location and then initiate the file publishing to the selected location. Also, after the process is finished, the publisher window will remain open. [LINK]


  • Enabled the export of Cost Version Custom Properties (User Defined) into the existing Payment Certificate (Schedule Editor -> Export -> Export Payment Certificate).
  • Inline editing of Task Names in the Gantt chart is now enabled making the process more efficient.
  • Resolved the issue that was causing the update of the project crashes if some elements contained in Schedule Tasks were deleted during the update.


  • Enabled the ability to select the number of decimal places for numeric type element properties via units settings, which affects all element counts within the tree and other forms (Settings tab -> Units -> Numeric).
  • Introduced a thousand separators for all displays of Numeric/Count values within QTO/CBS/Properties.
  • The options previously called “Regime” have been renamed to “Mode” in the Settings card -> Viewport Settings -> Assignment -> Viewport-specific.
  • General updates and improvements of translations of the BEXEL Manager interface in all languages.

BC3 Addin

  • Enabled the creation of user classification based on the imported BC3 file.
  • Introduced the ability to create element queries based on cost item codes imported from the BC3 file. Element query searches for cost item code in the BIM model property that is specified during the import.
  • Introduced the capability to create Quantity Formulas for each Cost Item, allowing the definition of formulas for the following Quantity Types: Area, Volume, Length, Mass, and Numeric.
  • This add-in is available for download under the Materials -> Add-ins section within the Bexel User Area portal.
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Version 24.2

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