BEXEL CDE – April 2024

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Released: April 2024

BEXEL Viewer

  • Enhanced the positioning of the .glb files (e.g. Google Earth models) uploaded directly to the existing CDE project version made by publishing other model files from the Bexel Manager.
    This option will be available for all models published from the Bexel Manager version 24.5 or newer.”
  • Fixed display of numeric properties which have caused them to be displayed rounded as integers.
  • Fixed the issue causing some models to not be loaded correctly.
  • Changed the library used for processing uploaded model files to improve performance and stability.
  • Added ability for selecting more than one element using the touch input.
  • Previously, when saving a scene with hidden spaces and then applying that saved scene, all spaces would appear even though they were originally hidden. Now, when creating and applying a new scene, it will appear exactly as it was saved.


  • Users can now upload entire folders to Bexel Docs. When selecting a folder, all non-empty subfolders and documents will be uploaded in the same structure as they are on the local disk drive. Empty folders are only recognized if they have been added using the Drag & Drop function.


  • The BCF (Bim Collaboration Format) module is available on the Bexel CDE cloud solution. It helps in facilitating communication among project stakeholders and expedites main workflows such as model review, issue detection and resolution, progress monitoring, and more. The BCF module from the Bexel CDE can be smoothly used with other BCF clients already available inside the Bexel Manager and other BIM tools.

    * To use this module, you must have the BIM Collab’s free or paid BCF space.

Power BI

  • The Power BI visual for BEXEL CDE/Viewer has been changed in all predefined Power BI report templates to support working without third-party cookies, which Chrome developers will likely retire soon. In addition, it is possible to load models and use Bexel CDE/Viewer within the Power BI desktop application as well.


  • Enhanced UI and layout for better responsiveness on iPad and other touchscreen devices. The following changes were made:
    – Activating and using the context menu for the Selection Sets and Properties controls has been made easier.
    – Buttons for activating working modules have been relocated to the Settings menu within the header component on smaller screens.
    – A scroller has been added to the viewer toolbar for use on smaller screens.
    – Enhanced the marque selection tool when working with touch input.
    – Other smaller changes have been made to all other controls.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when hiding the Viewer tab or changing the layout to prevent accidental unloading of loaded models.
  • Equalized font sizes in all CDE controls.
  • The state of the module activation buttons did not synchronize well with the displayed tabs in some cases.
  • Disabled the Load Sources/Sync Sources button if the Viewer tab is not activated.
  • In a form for renaming a folder, the name of the form was “Rename Scene” instead of “Rename Folder”.
  • The “Delete” button for the CBS/QTO and Schedule Animations has been enabled in some cases when using the Shared Link.
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BEXEL CDE – April 2024

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