BEXEL CDE – August 2023

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Released: August 2023


  • Added an option for more granular model division by Selection Set structure while publishing the model to BEXEL CDE. That tree-like structure, visible inside the Sources tab, will improve the process of loading only part of the models that are needed at the moment.
  • User is now able to export construction simulations from Bexel Manager and play it inside the BEXEL CDE portal.
  • Added an option for specifying currency for the CDE project. The currency will be updated while publishing a new project version from the Bexel Manager.
  • Enabled saving/loading layouts.
  • Added an option to specify Project Type, Project Manager, Company, and Country for the CDE Project. Those data will be also visible inside the projects list table.


  • Improved management of access rights. Now, it is possible to set access rights on a directory or single document level.
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BEXEL CDE – August 2023

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