BEXEL Manager – May 2023

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Version: 23.5

Major Features


  • Added the following new templates: 
    • Two Payment Certificate templates on a Monthly basis and for Custom Period.
    • Area Analysis template.
    • Cash flow template.
  • Added an option for publishing only selected elements when exporting data for Power BI reports (except for Property Checker reports).

BEXEL CDE Publisher 

  • Enabled publishing of Custom Breakdown Structures from BEXEL Manager to BEXEL CDE. Published structures with colors included will be visible within the cloud project version on the CDE portal and ready for color-coding models by various criteria.
  • Added Update Existing Project Version option, enabling users to update Selection Sets on an already existing BEXEL CDE model version, improving the management and editing capabilities of the model. 
  • Added a new option within the BEXEL CDE Publish Wizard that allows users to select which Selection sets to publish when creating a new CDE project version. By default, Selection Sets and their elements are now filtered based on the selected element filter (All elements, Selected Elements, or Visible Elements). 
  • Disabled the creation of a new CDE project from the BEXEL Manager. From now on, new CDE projects should be created by Account Administrators or Account Managers using the CDE cloud portal.

BEXEL CDE Importer 

  • Enhanced collaboration between BEXEL CDE and BEXEL Manager. Enabled an option for Selection Sets created within BEXEL CDE to be imported to the BEXEL Manager.


    • New options “New Direct Link” and “New Filtered Link” added for elements and cost items linking to tasks via context menu and a toolbar button, which streamlines the process of adding a new link rule to a task.
    • The “New Direct Link” option allows for direct linking of elements and cost items to tasks, without filtering through parent tasks. This is especially useful for direct linking non-BIM cost items and tasks and for linking schedules that are imported from P6 or MS Project.

  • Improved process for adding new columns (Properties) to Gantt. (Schedule Editor -> right-click on column in Gantt).
  • Added a new option to change task properties directly from the Gantt chart by right-clicking on selected tasks, and choosing “Edit Property” (only editable properties can be modified).
  • Added a new custom text task property “Subcontractor,” which is automatically generated for each task and provides users with more options for task organization and tracking.
  • Improved the schedule import from Primavera by enabling the import of At Completion Duration, Percent Complete Type, Activity % Complete, and Units % Complete columns.

Schedule Animation 

  • The schedule animation is enhanced by enabling the parallel drawing of the entire assembly (group of elements). This is especially useful for animating the installation of prefabricated elements.


  • Enhanced working with assemblies.

Navisworks publisher 

  • The BEXEL Publisher Add-in for Navisworks now supports Navisworks 2023. [LINK]

IFC Exporter 

  • Enabled selection of properties that will be exported to IFC.

User Interface 

  • The Online Projects module has been rebranded as BEXEL Teamworks.

Other Features


  • Fixed a bug in the Basic and Advanced Power BI templates where old queries were not properly removed, causing issues with refreshing.
  • Reorganized the data layer within the Power BI templates to make the available fields more intuitive and removed unnecessary data.
  • Added Milestone tasks export for Power BI report.
  • Additional enhancement of UI and functionalities for Power BI+BEXEL CDE Publish Wizard.

BEXEL CDE Publisher 

  • Added a new ribbon tab “Bexel CDE” to provide users with easier access to Bexel CDE options.
  • Additional enhancement of UI and functionalities for BEXEL CDE Publish Wizard.
  • Added warning message to notify users when the Selection Sets used to divide the BEXEL Viewer model have some common elements.
  • Added warning message when dividing a BEXEL Viewer model using Selection Sets that do not include all the elements selected for publishing.


  • The default file type when exporting a schedule to MS Project has been changed from .xml to .mpp file type.
  • Fixed a bug in the Task Creation Rule that was causing deleted task relations to be returned after a schedule update.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crash of schedule update when a Zone Item with a referenced Element Query was linked to a task.
  • Fixed a bug related to the import of Outline Code Custom property, ensuring that it is properly imported when importing schedules from MS Project.
  • Fixed a bug causing a UI crash when importing tasks from MS Project that lack Start or Finish dates.
  • Additional improvements to the schedule import/export process from MS Project and Primavera.
  • Added a new feature to the Task Editor Settings that enables users to select an element whose coordinates will serve as the center for circular drawing of elements in the schedule animation, improving the animation visualization experience.
  • Fixed a bug related to the import of schedules from Primavera, which was causing incorrect percentage of completion and progress finish date.
  • Fixed a bug causing issues with the Schedule animation in some cases, which was related to the Schedule legend.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the crash when adding an activity to a Progress Entry with active option group by Classification.


  • Enhanced the process of importing cost classification by specifying the cost hierarchy via the Classification Level (just numeric value of level) listed of the Outline Level (full path of Classification Levels).

Knowledge Base 

  •  Enriched Knowledge base with Name Classification templates and Data Enrichment template.


  • The Revit Publisher add-in for Autodesk Revit 2024 have been released [June 2023].
  • Changed the relationship between Curtain Systems and Curtain Walls to Decomposed By. Please note that this change will only affect new publishes. 
  • Additional smaller enhanced of the Revit Publisher.
  • The latest version of the BEXEL Manager Revit Publisher can be found on the following link. [LINK]


  • Fixed a wrong positioning of BX3 models exported from Navisworks in some cases.


  • Enabled linking Selection Set folders on tasks through the API. [LINK]
  • API Console now includes new scripts for Schedule and Cost, and has been enhanced with scripts for Progress (Custom period look-ahead plan by activities and Look-ahead plan by activities).


  • Improved Clash Group issue description when creating BCF issue.

User Interface 

  • BEXEL Manager is enriched with new language: Polish. More languages will follow soon. [LINK]
  • A notification message has been added to alert users when an invalid layout file cannot be automatically deleted and must be removed manually.
  • The Assign Items module has been renamed to Cost Estimate.
  • General updates and improvements of translations of BEXEL Manager interface on all languages.


  • Added an option to select the source from which element IDs are copied when elements are selected from multiple sources.
  • Fixed a bug where element query text properties with leading or trailing spaces were not evaluated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the color/transparency of elements in the 3D Viewers did not change when changing the active Quantity Takeoff.
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BEXEL Manager – May 2023

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