BEXEL Manager – August 2021

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Version: 20.12

General – We continue enriching our software with new languages. BEXEL Manager localized in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian is ready for you! More languages will follow soon.

API – Model geometry data is now available within BEXEL Manager API. Check out Bexel User Area for a lot of new Add-ins.

Clash – Fresh new clash type is here! Run Containment clash to find all elements within the room, space, or any other container element. Enrich model with containment relations. Created relations can be viewed and fine-tuned within Relation tab in Property Menu. – Work with Multiple jobs inside the Clash detection Module is now much easier! – Import Clash template as Excel file format. Review and fine-tune Clash jobs, if needed. – Update all clash results with one click (Update all option) and export, report and overview all results at once. – Export created or fine-tuned template for further use on similar projects.

Cost – Added Code column to the Resources. Resource integration with ERP, any other external system or database is now much easier!

QTO/CBS – Use predefined rules from existing CBS and QTO as a base for the next CBS/QTO with the Duplicate option. Also, check out enhanced grouping options and so much more.

Exchange – The exchange process is now improved! Reduce rework and maximize knowledge reuse between different projects. Exchange Smart selection set, Custom breakdown structures, Quantity takeoffs, Cost classifications, Construction methodologies and so much more!

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BEXEL Manager – August 2021

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