BEXEL Manager – January 2023

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Major Features

Power BI + BEXEL Viewer

Enhanced Power BI + BEXEL Viewer publisher:

  • Added check box within Power BI + BEXEL Viewer publisher for Auto Loading Model sources while opening Power BI dashboards (Auto Load Models checkbox).
  • Enabled option for choosing published BEXEL Viewer projects and versions from the dropdown list within Publisher window, with additional information (Created by, Last updated by, DateTime)

Power BI + BEXEL Viewer improvements:

  • The New Model Explorer dashboard without the Cost data layer is available within Power BI + BEXEL Viewer Publisher.
  • The default resolution of schedule data export for Power BI is changed to a monthly level.
  • The PowerBI limitation for a maximum number of model elements that can be selected has been overcome. Now, from all Power BI reports containing BEXEL Viewer users can select much more than 30.000 elements at once.
  • Enabled export of Non-BIM cost items to PowerBI reports (included in all reports containing cost data).

BEXEL CDE Publisher

  • BEXEL CDE Publisher window is now improved with new options for the defining Project name and Project version. The user is able to create a new project and version or choose to add a version to an existing project from the dropdown list.

Property Checker

  • Property checker is now fully integrated as a new module within BEXEL Manager. The window can be docked, moved, and resized like every other BEXEL Manager window and the layout will be saved for the next use. Also, the Property Checker rules and results will be saved within the project.
  • Export different types of property check results to the Power BI or Power BI+BEXEL Viewer dashboard.

Property Consistency Resolver

A fresh new BEXEL Manager add-in is available.

  • The Property Consistency Resolver will help users to resolve naming, grouping, and type inconsistencies of element properties that usually arise as a result of a lack of conventions when creating a model. Once the element property inconsistencies have been fixed, it will be much easier to move into further phases of the BIM management process.


  • Enabled sorting by any column within the Gantt window.
  • Sorting tasks after importing the schedule from MS Project or Primavera is now the same as in the authoring application.
  • Enabled moving the Task Name column within the Gantt window.
  • Added Import Settings screen within Schedule Import Wizard window.


  • Added a new option for grouping activities by classification within the Progress entry editor and Add Activities window.


  • Introduced folder structure inside the API Console window in order to easily organize and use scripts. Also, many new useful scripts have been added to the API Console window by default.
  • Added options for Cut, Copy and Paste API Scripts within API Console window.


Added a system for automatic installation and update of predefined add-ins. By default, the latest versions of Property Checker, Property Consistency Resolver (BETA), Portfolio Manager Publisher, and Data Enrichment add-ins will be installed. Users will be notified of new addin versions when starting BEXEL Manager and will be able to update all pre-installed add-ins with one simple click. More preinstalled add-ins will come soon.

User Interface

  • BEXEL Manager is enriched with new languages: Greek, Chinese and Czech. More languages will follow soon.

Other Features

Power BI + BEXEL Viewer

  • Improved data export process to support much larger amounts of cost data for export to Power Bi.
  • Added notification if some of the output files have been opened by the user during generating the report.


  • Added support for Zones and Electrical Circuits as new types of systems. Added support for Data Devices type of elements. [LINK]
  • Changed default status for unmatched sources during the update process to New, instead of Ignore.
  • Enabled support for a single element to belong to multiple systems at once. The latest version of the BEXEL Manager Revit Publisher needs to be installed for using this feature for Revit-based models. [LINK]

BEXEL CDE Publisher

  • Enhanced performance of BEXEL CDE Publisher.
  • Fixed a few issues that caused some elements to not be visible inside BEXEL Viewer after publishing the model from BEXEL Manager.


  • Added the possibility to enlarge the TotalQuantity of activities when entering progress.
  • Fixed bug with the unexpected shutdown of the application during updating Schedule Animation in certain situations after entering progress.
  • All Numeric Task Properties are now displayed with thousand separator within the Gantt window.
  • Enabled import of Total Float, Remaining Duration, Duration % Complete, Predecessors, and Successors columns from Primavera.
  • Enabled automatic Task Color update after changing used Property value.
  • Fixed the issue caused that is not possible to import a custom property from Primavera if there is a defined custom property with the same name in the existing schedule.
  • Additional improvements on new Primavera and MS Project Importer.


  • Fixed a bug with the initiation of the Elements column while creating a new Progress entry from Planned activities is created.


  • Enabled docking option for Addins window within BEXEL user interface (Context.UIApplication.DockableControls) [LINK]
  • Enabled adding and deleting task relations through API (Task.Relations.Predecessors and Task.Relations.Successors). [LINK]
  • Enabled setting of element color with alpha component and element opacity within 3D Viewer through API (Element.Settings.Viewer3D.ColorArgb and Element.Settings.Viewer3D.Opacity). [LINK]
  • Added option for handling ProjectSaved event within API (Application.Instance.ProjectSaved). [LINK]
  • Bugfix: Obsolited CreateScreenshoot method and added new CreateScreenshot method within API (Application.Instance.UI.Viewer3D.CreateScreenshot). [LINK]


  • Improved mapping of IFC element types to the BEXEL element categories when loading IFC models into BEXEL.


  • Fixed a bug that caused disabling an offline activation without an internet connection in some cases.


  • Resolved a bug with updating properties referencing to Calculated properties after updating the model.

User Interface

  • Resolved a bug with Show All option in Color Coded Viewer when some elements are hidden.
  • Enabled all view tools within the Viewport when Selection Regime is active.
  • Updated User interface with the remaining icons that were not changed in previous versions.
  • Disabled changing Viewpoint column width within the Clash detection module.
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BEXEL Manager – January 2023

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