BEXEL Manager – October 2021

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Version: 21.0


  • Group cost version by any project required Work breakdown structure.
  • Automate process of creating customized WBS by using Templates. 
  • Create and manage your own WBS structure within Creation Template and reuse it on other projects.
  • WBS can export to excel, fine-tuned, if needed, and imported back to BEXEL Manager.
  • Created customized WBS user is always able to return to default classification based WBS, by clicking on Group by Classification option.

Online projects

  • Improved online projects workflow. 
  • Enabled creation of a new Online Project from .besln extension (from existing local projects).
  • Multiple users can work independently on the same Online project, and commit changes.


  • Automatically group and organize results within the clash job according to element ids.
  • Create multiple clash groups according to element IDs from the selection.
  • Export Clash jobs to Excel spreadsheet is now improved with new Clash analytic tables such as Clash status overview, spatial and detailed.

User Interface

  • Implemented filter within hierarchical tree controls (properties, reference objects, cbs, etc.). Runs by ctrl + F after clicking on a specific control.


  • Revit 22 publisher is available to download. [LINK]


  • Enhanced IFC support.
  • Support for IfcGeographicElement and IfcCivilElement entities for reading from IFC4 standard.
  • Updated BCF SDK to the latest version.
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BEXEL Manager – October 2021

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