BEXEL Manager – September 2022

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Version: 21.9.2

Major Features

Power BI + BEXEL Viewer

Fresh new unique Power BI + BEXEL Viewer dashboards are here! (Ribbon -> Manage -> Publish Report with BEXEL Viewer)

  • Color-coded rules defined within the BEXEL Manager are applicable in Power BI + BEXEL Viewer dashboards for Model Explorer, Earned Value Analysis and 5D Estimation reports.
  • Color-coded elements for selected clash job within Clash Detection Report.
  • Export multiple cost versions for Model Explorer Report.


  • Added export option to MPP and XML file format for MS Project (Schedule Editor -> Export -> Export To MS Project… -> Export, choose MPP or XML file)
  • Enabled import of calculated property from MS Project and Oracle’s Primavera using a new Schedule importer (XML, XER, MPP).

User Interface

  • Fresh new User Interface.
  • Improved support for the Hebrew language inside viewers.


The Revit Publisher and Properties Importer add-ins for Autodesk Revit 2023 have been released.


IFC export improvements – added option for IFC sub-model export settings, to divide model by Category, Selection Sets or Source

Other Features


  • Added an option to set the Task Constraint Type and Task Constraint Date through API.


  • Fixed an error caused by opening Cost Item Picker in case the project doesn’t contain Cost classification.
  • Updated Templates in Name Cost Classifications folder within the Knowledge base folder structure.
  • Optimized Cost classification Creation Wizard.
  • Added an option for purging unused cost item definitions. (Cost Editor -> Cost Item Definitions -> Purge Unused)


  • Improved workflow for Select ByColor, Change Color and Change opacity options within the context menu.
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing elements within the Viewer after saving the project.
  • Improved notification window design for new BEXEL Manager version or update announcement.
  • Fixed a bug when clicking Select All button within Element colors window.
  • Fixed a bug while updating models on existing sources caused by lowercase and uppercase letters.


  • Schedule Progress Editor Window user interface is now fully redesigned and refreshed.


  • Removed Default Zone creation after importing model from Revit (Install the latest Revit publisher version).
  • Fixed a bug within Revit Properties Importer causing crashes during specific situations (Install the latest Revit Properties Importer version).
  • Fixed bug with wrong Family Name and Type Name property values for model published from Revit (install the latest Revit publisher version).
  • Fixed bug with incorrect family naming for area type elements, applicable on new exports with the latest Revit publisher version.


  • Fixed a bug while copying Custom Property values in Progress entry while duplicating the Schedule.
  • Fixed a bug within the Schedule Animation window while selecting active elements without activity.


  • Created directory for Custom Templates with blank templates (C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Roaming\BEXEL\Bexel Manager 21\Custom Templates).
  • Added Manage Templates button in Ribbon -> Manage.

User Interface

  • Adjustable column width within Cost Item Editor and Creation Template Manager window.
  • Changed minimum columns width within the Resources tab in the Cost Item Editor window.
  • General updates and improvements of translations of BEXEL Manager interface on all languages.
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BEXEL Manager – September 2022

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