Managing projects and project users

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Creating a new online project

Click on the New Online Project command → Within Create New Project form, enter the Project Name and the Project Description (optionally) → Check which BEXEL Products the new project will include → Click on the Create New command.

Adding New Project User

To add a new user to the project, click on the Manage Project Users icon within the Manage column → Within the User Management form, click on the Add New Project User command → Type the User Name within Add User box. If the user is included on the Project account, it will appear in the drop-down list → Select the desired User Name from the drop-down list → Choose the user Role (the User or the Administrator) → Check BEXEL Products the new User will be able to have within this project → Click on the Add New User Command → New User will appear within certain project User Management list.

Remove the User from the Project

Click on the Manage Project Users icon within the Manage column → Click on the Delete Project User symbol in the right column within the User Management form → Confirm to delete the selected project user from BEXEL CDE Project by checking the box with the agreement. Click on the Yes command → The User will be removed from the BEXEL CDE Project.

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Managing projects and project users

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