Quantity takeoff templates

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The quantity takeoff classifications and breakdown structures can be similar. However, they also depend on the object type, location, construction technology, defined standards, etc.

Once created, quantity takeoff rules can be exchanged and used for further projects or shared with other users as Quantity Takeoff Template.

If the created QTOs are universal and can be applied to several projects, they can be exported to the Knowledge base. On the other hand, if they are more user and project specific, they can be exported as a custom template.

Similarly, it is possible to import predefined templates from Knowledge Base or custom-created ones.

Export quantity takeoff template

Select the Quantity takeoff from the list → Click Templates → Choose Export To Knowledge Base or Export Custom Template → Finish the process by clicking Save.

Import quantity takeoff template

Click on the arrow next to the New button → Select Blank Quantity Takeoff… → Click Templates → Choose Import From Knowledge Base or Import Custom Template → Select template → Finish the process by clicking Open.

The QTO template is imported now. Finish the process by clicking OK.

QTO Breakdown Template has extension *cbstemplate and can also be used for Custom Breakdown Template.

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Quantity takeoff templates

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