3D Viewport

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The main 3D model viewport is located in the middle of the screen by default. The toolbar above the main display window shows various active views, such as PerspectiveOrtho, SchedulePerspective Color Coded, Ortho Color CodedLevel Map, Assignment, and different 3D view tools. For more about these tools go to 3D View tools.

When starting the new project, the Perspective view is activated by default. The last active view will be opened when opening the existing project.

The arrangement of views in the toolbar can be changed using the drag-and-drop option.

By right-clicking on each view, options for closing the selected or other views and options for the vertical and horizontal reorganization of the views will appear.

Simultaneous representation of a model in two different ways

Select Perspective view à Right-click on the Perspective view tab à Select the New Horizontal Tab Group command or New Vertical Tab Group command.

To add a view to the newly created tab group à Select view à Right-click on the selected view tab à Select the Move to Next Tab Group command.

To reset the view to the previous state, activate the menu by right-clicking on the selected view and selecting the Move to Previous Tab Group button.

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3D Viewport

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