Clash detection details

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To show general information, create a viewpoint and link documentation, click Show Details in the Options drop-down menu.

General Information

General information shows basic data about the clashes. Parameters such as Name, Group, Status and Comments are editable, and parameters Element 1, Element 2, Location, and Distance are read-only, obtained from the clash job and cannot be changed. Comments can be added in the form located at the bottom of the General information.

To save changes we made, click Save and all edited information will appear in the clash detection list.


With the Viewpoint creation option, you can save the corresponding view for each identified clash. In addition to a better visual overview of clashes, the created viewpoints also facilitate sending clashes through the BCF manager.

An eye icon will appear next to all clashes for which a viewpoint has been created. To create a viewpoint for a specific clash:

Activate Clash View Mode → Select clashes from the list → Click Options on the right side of the Clash detection tab → Click Show Details from the drop-down menu → Select Viewpoint from the drop-down menu: General Information, Linked Documents and Viewpoint → Click Create.

At any moment, a created view can be removed using the Clear option or updated with a new one (From Current view) or a previously created one (From Viewpoint…).

Viewpoint will not appear when you select multiple clashes. It only becomes visible when a single clash is selected.

Linked Documents

This feature enables adding various types of documents to a particular clash. Documents added to clash can be in the form of a web page, JPG files such as photos from a site, PDF files such as project documentation, etc.

Select clash to add the document → Select the Linked Documents option → Click the arrow next to the New Document and select the Web Document option → Copy the web page title → Fill up fields, such as Name, Address and KeywordsFinish the procedure by clicking OK.

Documents can be added to one clash or multiple selections of clashes by choosing Linked Documents from drop-down list:

Select clashes → Go to Link Documents Right click on Project Choose New Document in the drop-down menu → Choose type of a document (file/web).

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Clash detection details

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