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The schedule is generated through the Creation templates. Creation Template is a combination of Construction Methodologies and Construction Zones upon which an intelligent scheduling engine creates tasks and relations in an automatically generated schedule. By using the Exchange command, it can be exported and used in another similar project.

Creation template consists of:

Creation methodology, represents the order (sequence) in which the works are performed. The methodology is based on Cost classification since all types of work performed on a project are presented, described, and quantified in Cost classification. Through the Creation methodology the sequence of construction works and relations between different types of works can be defined. As a simple example, in Methodology it can be defined that foundation works are performed only after excavation and preparation works are completed and that superstructure is performed after foundation completion. It is common construction logic that every Planner and Project Manager uses. In this case, the Planner is “teaching” the automatic scheduling engine logic of the construction process through Creation Methodology.

Construction zones are the spatial distribution of works. Construction works are distributed by Buildings (in case the project consists of more than one Building), by Storeys (vertical distribution), and by Construction sequence – Phases (horizontal distribution).

A schematic map of the Creation Template generation process is given below.

Creating the template

Schedule Creation Template → The Creation Template Manager window will open → In the Creation Template Manager window, click on the New command and the Creation Template Editor will open → In the Name field define the name of the template → Click on the arrow next to the New command (Two options are available, a Fixed type of creation rule that will create objects based on existing items from the current project and a Dynamic type of creation rule that will automatically create new objects after new items are added) → Select Dynamic option → The Reference Objects window will open → In the Type window, select the Zone Items and select the zone → In the same way, add the following zone or any other model structure, e.g. methodology of work → The order of adding zones should correspond to the levels of the schedule structure → Click OK → Finish the procedure by clicking Close.

Multiple Creation Templates can be added, created ones can be edited, deleted, or duplicated. Also, all generated Creation Templates can be reused on other projects through Exchange Export Wizard by clicking on the Export button from the main menu.

Creating a template in Bexel Manager

When creating a template and its items, there are two options available Fixed and Dynamic. Fixed type of creation rule that will create objects based on existing items from the current project and Dynamic type of creation rule that automatically creates new objects after new items are added.

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Creation template

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