Optimized 4D/5D schedule

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Automatically generated construction schedule can be easily optimized using BEXEL Manager intelligent tools. The initial task duration for the schedule can be set in settings and by default, the task duration is set to 40 working hours. Task duration can be manually changed by selecting specific or multiple tasks and editing the duration using the Task editor command. Besides this option, BEXEL Manager offers a more advanced option for schedule optimization considering daily outputs or resource availability.

Task duration can be changed based on daily outputs to optimize task duration according to available resources or actual quantities of different activities and the workforce’s productivity rate.

In previously created cost classification, daily outputs were specified (the amount of work that can be executed daily by a defined workforce). If the cost classification contains cost items with accurately specified daily outputs, this information can be used by selecting tasks in the schedule to apply task duration based on daily outputs.

Duplicate the auto-generated schedule and apply optimization to duplicated schedule (to compare the baseline schedule with the duplicated and to further optimize the schedule) →  Select the task to apply optimization → Click Selection and choose Select Leaf Tasks →  Click the Update Task Duration →  Choose between two options By Daily Output Sum or By Daily Output Max depending on whether you want to apply the summarized duration of all activities divided into respective daily outputs, or to apply the duration of the longest activity divided by respective daily outputs (the recommended option – the system will find the activity with the largest quantity and divide it with the respective daily output in order to get average task duration) →  After completion in the Line of Balance activities are extended or reduced based on required quantities and specified capacities of the resources within daily outputs.

After optimization in the Task Report Cash Flow and S-Curve are more optimized and activities and resources more equalized.

For additional optimization, a more advanced tool is available for optimizing resource allocation. Using the resource Leveling option, tasks and activities can be optimized by specifying available resources, and the system will recalculate task duration based on necessary resource allocation and specified available resources.

Task Report charts can be used to analize specific labor-intensive or expensive groups of works which could demand a high number of workers or budget expenses in a short period of time. Using resource Leveling tool, it is possible to define a maximum available number of certain resources, apply it to a specific task or whole schedule and the system will automatically recalculate task duration based on the available resources specified.

Select the specific task or entire schedule to optimize. →  Click the Leveling command at the right side of the Schedule Editor toolbar line → The Schedule Resource Leveling Editor window will open →  Click NewThe Resource Leveling Entry Editor will open→ Range will display the Start Date and the Finish Date of the selected task →  Click on the arrow at the right side of the Add command and choose All Resources The Resource Form window will open →   Select the proper resource by checking the checkbox on the left side of the listed resources →   Click OK →  In the Resource Leveling Entry Editor window in the added resource define the Max Allocation of added resource →  Click OK →  Select the added resource in the Schedule Resource Leveling Editor and click Apply. You can directly see Task Report and Analyze selected resource by clicking on these commands in the Schedule Resource Leveling Editor window →  The Schedule Resource Leveling window will open → Click Resolve →  The Resources Leveled message will be shown with information that resource leveling has been completed →  Click OK →  The same procedure can be repeated for additional resources → Finish the procedure by clicking Close.

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Optimized 4D/5D schedule

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