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Automated creation of BIM Cost Classification

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With Intelligent Cost management workflow, Cost classification can be created using predefined templates and properties added through Data Enrichment Add-In. After creating a work breakdown structure using a template from the BEXEL Manager Knowledge base and Cost Classification codes added through the Data Enrichment process, the entire Cost Classification can be automatically generated with a Creation Wizard function. An important part of this process is the possibility of using additional Knowledge based templates for Naming, Quantity Formulas, and Rules of Measurement.

Activate the Classification Editor→ Click the New Classification → In the New Classification window add Description →   Finish the process by clicking OK.

New cost classification is active and selected → Click on the Creation Wizard command in the second toolbar line → Select From Quantity Takeoff option → The Creation Wizard window will open → Select already predefined, Quantity Takeoff from the dropdown list. → Choose the Code of Classification items to be generated From Quantity Takeoff → The Classification Item Name can be generated from QTO, Knowledge Base or Custom Template. To generate Classification Item Name automatically according to a predefined template choose the option From Knowledge Base in the Name dropdown list → Click on Browse at the right side of the Name dropdown list → The new window will open to select the proper naming template → Click Open → The next group of properties to define is the coding system for the cost items by choosing the [Schema] option or property with added Cost Classification codes from the Code dropdown list → The Cost Item Name can be generated from QTO, Knowledge Base or Custom Template. To generate Cost Item Name according to predefined Quantity Takeoff choose the option From Quantity Takeoff in the Name dropdown list  → Define rules of measurement by choosing From Knowledge Base option from the Rules of Measurement dropdown list → Click Browse at the right side of the Rules of Measurement dropdown list. → Select the proper rules of measurement template → Click Open → Finish the process by clicking OK.

The newly created Cost classification completely reflects the previously created work breakdown structure as defined in the Quantity Takeoff with the Cost classification codes added to the BIM model elements using Data Enrichment Add-In. With this intelligent workflow, the rules of measurement, quantity units, quantity type, quantity formula and element query from previously defined templates are also defined.

Besides this smart cost management workflow, it is possible to import already existing cost classification as per standard or company, region, and country-specific cost data format. Before importing cost classification into the BEXEL Manager environment cost classification needs to be converted into the proper machine-readable format.

For a detailed explanation of different workflows for creating the Cost Classification go to the section Cost management.

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