Export to IFC

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While working on a project, the models are shared, revised, updated, etc. Because the Bexel Manager supports the open BIM concept, an IFC import and export are possible. To export an IFC file, please follow the steps below.

Select Export to IFC → An Export to IFC window opens → Select the version IFC 2X3 or IFC 4 version, Filter and Export options → Click Export →  Define the location and the name of the IFC file in Save As window → Finish the process by clicking Save.

Exporting IFC files from BEXEL Manager

All Elements, Selected Elements, or Visible Elements can be exported from the project. The model can be divided by Source, Category, or Selection Sets.

Schedules, Linked Documents, Quantity Takeoffs and 3D Scene Colors can also be exported from the project by checking one or multiple Export options within the Export to IFC window.

Another useful tool is the Exchange command, which is used between BEXEL Manager users to exchange information in the BXF file format, for example, Selections sets, Custom Breakdowns, Clash Detections, Schedules, Cost Classifications, etc. For more about this feature, go to Project Data Exchange.

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Export to IFC

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