Clash analysis in Level Map Palette

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The Level Map feature is a useful tool for identifying the location of clashes on a specific floor plan and easier detection of collision density on the current floor.

Before activating the Level Map tool, ensure the clash options are displayed within the Level Map tab in the Options menu.

Select the Level Map tab → Click Options → Select the Level Map Options → Choose between parameters such as Show Clashes, Show Clashing Elements, Show Clashing Edges.

These parameters can also be changed in the Level Map Options drop-down menu.

To locate clash on floor plan and detect collision density on current floor activate level map tab.

Enable Clash View mode Activate Level Map on the right side of the screen →  Open Level Map Options → Set Clash Options, Level map options etc → Double click on clash in clash list → Cursor on Level map will show position and floor plan of the clash by marking selected clash in red rectangle.

To see all clashes in the level map, and not just the selected ones, set that all displayed clashes are shown.

Click Options in the Clash Detection palette → From drop-down window select Draw Clashes and choose All Displayed option.

When the clashes are selected from the Clash Detection list, they are also selected in the Level Map. All clashes in the Level Map are marked red because the option to draw all displayed clashes is active in the Clash Detection palette.

To see a certain level in the Level Map palette, select Storey from the drop-down storey options in the Level Map palette.

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Clash analysis in Level Map Palette

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