Committing changes

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When an adequate change has been performed on the project, for example, a set of selection sets was created, the change must be committed for other users to be able to review the results. The recommendation would be to commit the applied changes to the project frequently and consistently. 

Activate the TeamWorks tab in the upper corner of the user interface and click on the command Commit Changes. à If the user has not saved the project a notification window will pop out notifying him that the project must be saved before committing changes. Click the OK button to proceed with the process. à In the Commit Changes window define the description, for example, adding new selection sets and click on the Commit Changes command. à After the process is successfully finished, activate the TeamWorks Projects command within the Welcome screen to review a new revision of the project.

Commiting changes to Bexel TeamWorks project

After committing changes and creating a new revision of the project all users will receive an email with descriptive information which includes the number of the revision, who is the author of the revision and when was it uploaded.

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Committing changes

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